Saturday, August 29, 2009

Hello Honda

I bought a car. I paid for it in cash. It's not fancy but it's mine. It feels so good to completely own something and to not have to worry about owing money.

I am using the current state of our economy to force myself into good financial habits. Sure it would be nice to have a fancy car, or Starbucks every day, or those awesome Frye boots at Urban right now. But those things just aren't necessities, even though I sometimes convince myself that they are. It's so easy to fall into the habit of saying "but I deserve it". I just can't justify living beyond my means at the cost of losing control of my finances. I tried that two years ago and slowly the balance on those little plastic rectangles crawled closer and closer to their limit. And it made me so angry. Luckily angry enough to vow to never use them again and to slowly but surely begin to pay them off.

So I went without a car for a couple years, but it was worth it because now I fully own one. It taught me that I can live without when I need to and that it feels better to do that than to be choking in debt.

(a couple links of stories that have inspired me to be frugal/ debt free)

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