Monday, November 14, 2011


There were cracks in the clouds the whole way to West Chester for dinner with Mark's family. The sky was a pillow of gray except for a few beautiful sheets of light that pierced through. I couldn't stop staring.

A rusty, Thanksgiving inspired bouquet also managed to happen over the weekend. You can see more photo's of it on Cotton & Brass.

To plan a wedding

My job is to convince brides that an all inclusive package where "we" take care of everything (i.e. the linens, the set-up, the food, the bar, the lighting, the tear down) is the bee's knees. You even get an event coordinator to walk you through everything. And it's easy for me to sell because I really believe that it's the best way to go.

And then there is my wedding. It could not be more opposite. I had to talk myself off the Do-Your-Own-Catering Cliff, but besides that we are really doing pretty much everything. In the beginning I felt like a bride-champion quickly knocking out the major elements without a second thought (inspired by Evie). But now it's getting down to the details. What exactly do we want our invitations to say? How am I going to actually alter my dress? Where do we really want our guests to stay?

I was once among the niave brides that actually spewed the words "laid back, diy wedding" together. It only took a couple of my dearest friends and their DIY weddings to bring me out of that denial coma. DIY weddings are laborious, mind-numbing, undertakings. But I honestly can not imagine doing it any other way. And so I spent my weekend tediously drawing out blades of grass on my Wacom tablet for our save-the-dates.

It turned out beautiful and is exactly what we wanted.