Thursday, December 22, 2011

Christmas at Cotton & Brass

Thankfully the three other ladies of Cotton & Brass fully indulge my holiday love. Including decorating ornaments, overnighting them to my house, and photographing them over freshly baked cookies.

*Photo via Christa Kimble

Tip of the Hat

The hat contest was fierce this year at the Corgi Christmas Cocktail Party. Good job ladies.

'Tis the Season

The tree is up and trimmed, presents are wrapped, and there is even a little mistletoe. I'm unapologetic about my enthusiasm for the holidays. I must be insufferable with my Maria Carey Christmas blaring, our dining room table bursting with Holiday crafts, and the constant chatter of what to get whom. I don't care.

Maybe it has something to do with Ohio winters and needing to cling to every good thing we have once winter hits. That could also be why I have never been able to hate Valentines Day.

Monday, December 5, 2011


Yesterday concluded with yet another amazing dinner by Mark and a table of friends to help eat it. The dinners have been consistent over the past several months. Sometimes they are at others houses and sometimes it's just us two while other times it's 20. No matter the setting though it's always wonderful to sit down with people you care about and polish off a roast.

Sometimes in the quiet of the meal, when our mouths are too full for conversation, I think about how lucky I am. How did I get this lucky? Despite the dim economy and our own struggles with finding sustainable jobs we have a thriving community.