Tuesday, September 22, 2009


So I was procrastinating being productive by "catching up" on my blog reading and just as I thought to myself "maybe I would be more productive if my work space wasn't such a mess" I came upon these images. Jerks. Now I have to clean and organize my stuff. Thankfully tomorrow is my day off.

(photos via Apartment Therapy)


Here are some new Critters that I finished up recently. There is a third one I am designing right now.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Indian Dinner Club

Every thursday night is dinner club. A large group of people from multiple social groups come together to celebrate their love for food. I've only attended one other time for White Trash night. There was fried banana peanut butter sandwiches, pigs in a blanket, tater tots with ranch dressing, cheese cake filling straight from the tub, and a never ending supply of iceburg salad.

Evie proposed a dinner club at our place and I proposed Indian food due to our lack of owning a table. There was a gorgeous array of mushy indian dishes, a vegetable curry, slaw, naan, basmati rice, and of course my favorite, sweet indian balls (also know as gulab jamun). Guests floated in and out of the house until every morsel of indian goodness was lapped up. The rest of the night was spent picking out our next tattoo's in the "tattoo book" (more on that later) and planning for the apocalypse.

Thursday, September 17, 2009


Above are some teaser pictures of some projects that I'm currently working on. So basically I have been really busy but haven't posted much in a while so I feel better now that I've posted something. And now everyone knows that I'm working on things that will hopefully turn into more interesting posts unlike the one you are reading now ;) I'm off to work now. I hope everyone has a lovely day.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Dresses and Beets

We celebrated Tasha's birthday yesterday with pizza and wine. Only the best of course. It was absolutely lovely, four girls in dresses and sweaters nibbling (o.k. gorging) on pizza and beet dyed cupcakes. Tasha is allergic to red40 so Sara made the beet dyed red velvet cupcakes with pink cream cheese frosting. They were so scrumptious that I just had to help myself to a third. We talked about babies (weird) and pets. The gifts were opened, the song was sung, another corgi was wished for, and at the end of the night we parted and I smiled the whole way home.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Hocking Hills

It's very easy for me to fall into workaholic mode and forget that we moved here to get away from that and to spend more time with our friends and family. So when I told Mark that I was going to turn down an offer to hang out with two awesome friends and their awesome dogs in Hocking Hills because I had things to do ...well he wasn't having it. Sometimes I just need reminded to have fun. It was comical watching the dogs get so excited and frolicking around (aka pull their owners around). The nice long walk and the fresh middle of no where air added some much needed spunk back into my bones.

Afterwards we cleaned up and filled our bellies at Dirty Franks with veggie dogs and alcoholic slushies.

Friday, September 4, 2009

In progress

Day by day our house is beginning to form into a home. It's something that I've learned takes time. There are many things that still need bought, built, and rearranged. I've found though it is best to get to a know a space before I try to mold it to fit my lifestyle. My goal for our last apartment was to have a haven, something that felt peaceful among all the chaos. My goal for this place is to have a space thats conducive to entertaining and productivity. Pictures and shelves have made the space feel homier. Next I'll be making curtains and mark will be building a huge dining room table that will double as a work space. Mary has taken to spending most of her time on the stairs while Oscar prefers laying in the sun in the dining room. I'll post new pictures as the space develops.