Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Spout & Sprouts with Cotton and Brass

Our new spring shoot will be up on Cotton & Brass tomorrow morning. This photo shoot was a lot of fun for me. We challenged ourselves to do something a little more modern and clean.

All photos property of Cotton & Brass and Christa Kimble Photography
If you would like to share these, please credit Cotton & Brass

Monday, April 16, 2012


Let me make up for forgetting about my weekending post. Please accept these photos of the past few days as my sincere apology

• Birthday margaritas at Barrio (not my birthday)
• Waiting room fish
• Too many choices at Oakland Nursery
• Everyone dances for The DewDroppers
• S'mores

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Cat sitting

These three cuties kept me company this week. Sara is lucky to have three cats that are not hissing, swatting spazes. My cats tremble at the very sound of a little kids voice. But not these guys, they gladly welcome anyone that will feed and love them.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter dinner for the rest of us

We maxed out our table settings on Sunday and devoured the pork roast, arugula salad, potatoes, and stuffed peppers. Then we washed it all down with carrot cake. There was even a toddler running around which finally gave me an excuse to bring out the singamajigs.


I've been avoiding the inevitable leap to a smart phone for a long time. My frugality (thanks mom) has ensured that I am usually the last on the band wagon. However the annoyance of my dumb phone combined with MY MOM getting a smart phone (I almost fell over) were just too much to take.

Goldy is named after her sparkly case and yes you would think by the amount of time I spend with her that she is my new pet. I'm ashamed how much I enjoy all of it. I hope that the novelty of it will wear off and I'll go back to staring out the bus window on the way home. There is no denying the benefits though. My instagram is already filled with a slew of photo's that I can't wait to share here. Work emails can be checked and replied to at all hours. And I know exactly how my face will look if I gain 100 pounds.

Thursday, April 5, 2012


Remember when I use to post what I was filling my weekend with? Let's do that again...

* mixing up Mad Men cocktails & swapping haircuts with a couple of my favorite ladies
* starting on our wedding invitations
* celebrating a dear friends 30th birthday
* kitchen experimentation - if it works I'll be posting it up on Cotton & Brass
* and now that our sunroom is clean (!!!!) maybe we'll hang up some herbs