Monday, April 9, 2012


I've been avoiding the inevitable leap to a smart phone for a long time. My frugality (thanks mom) has ensured that I am usually the last on the band wagon. However the annoyance of my dumb phone combined with MY MOM getting a smart phone (I almost fell over) were just too much to take.

Goldy is named after her sparkly case and yes you would think by the amount of time I spend with her that she is my new pet. I'm ashamed how much I enjoy all of it. I hope that the novelty of it will wear off and I'll go back to staring out the bus window on the way home. There is no denying the benefits though. My instagram is already filled with a slew of photo's that I can't wait to share here. Work emails can be checked and replied to at all hours. And I know exactly how my face will look if I gain 100 pounds.

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