Sunday, August 14, 2011


• introducing our new friend, Miss Fish
• twenty dollars well spent at the farmers market
• kitten print! on a cute dress! yes!
• kitten kisses
• lay on the couch and what do I see? a tree!

Camp 2011

Another highly successful family gathering filled with laughter, memory-making, intriguing conversations, and lots of very full bellies.

Anything for pizza

Do you think Kate Middleton assembled her invitations with her besties? ...I hope so.

We gathered around pizza boxes and paper cutters and set to work on Evie's invitations. Creating a DIY Wedding is so much easier with a posse.

Oma and Enkel

In an instant, with the birth of her grandson, my mothers world turned on it's side. It's heart aching to watch the love that flows between these two very independent personalities. My nephew is already very much his own person. The chaos of his four older cousins doting over him doesn't even phase him. And if his doesn't want to do something he just aggressively shakes his head no and that is that.

And my mother has always been my role model as an independent no-nonsense women.

But when these two get together, which is quite often despite the distance, they are like childhood best friends.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Peach hand pies and google

I whipped up these AMAZING peach hand pies for Evie's shower. They are to. die. for. I can't stop dreaming about the pie dough, so buttery and flaky and shockingly resilient.

Where did the recipe come from?

Well it's very simple, I googled "peach hand pies" and not surprisingly the fabulous smitten kitchen blog topped the list. So go steal her recipe ( and while you are there scroll around because you are sure to find a bagillion other recipes. Just don't blame me when your social life goes to phooey (kids read this blog) because you haven't left the kitchen in a week.