Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Road Trip - family, food, and Donna Summers

Then we headed to D.C. to visit a couple of our favorite people. We had a fantastic time walking around the city, eating the most amazing food, and picnicing outside of Wolftrap before watching Donna Summers perform. Life is way too short not to enjoy the ones you love.

Road Trip - Carnegie Museum's

I LOVE natural history museums. I should not get so excited about dead things but I just find it all so fascinating. Maybe I should rethink a career in taxidermy?

And of course I love art museums too.

Road Trip - The Steel City

Pittsburgh is one city that understands a grande entrance. Winding along freeways, propelled into a tunnel, and BAM! It's beautiful. Every era of architecture smashed together and linked with bridges. The downtown was bustling, so much so that we had to try not to get hit by pedestrians. The hotel was marvelous, our huge window overlooked the river and we stuffed ourselves at the restaurant.

I'm still not sure what the lure is of riding on something built before the light bulb. But it's there and we couldn't not. So we did. The view was great but maybe next time we'll just drive up the hill.

Road Trip - On the way

Dear Google Maps,
Thank you for the beautiful scenic tour of Ohio on our road trip to Pittsburgh and D.C. If I would not have been in such a rush a may have reconsidered your first recommendation but I am very glad that did not happen.


Little Rustic Bouquet

It's exciting to have enough flowers in my garden for a bouquet.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Waffle experiment phase uno

I like to think that I know a lot about food. Definitely more than the average. And I would like to believe that waffles are my specialty. I mean to some people I'm actually known as "the waffle girl".

So you can imagine the horrible embarrassment I felt when one of the chefs at the hotel scoffed at the idea of sharing my waffle recipe. And then he said something that completely shattered my understanding of waffles. He said "waffle dough". HUH? waffles, made with dough, I thought waffles were only made with batter.

So the experiment begins. Phase one was still using a batter but one with yeast. The recipe can be found here. Phase two will be a lengthy two day process of creating the perfect dough, stayed tuned for that one.The yeast batter waffles turned out fantastic. They have a strong eggy taste and are less cake like and more crepe like.


11:02 a.m. - Perusing the farmers market

11:22 a.m. - buying lemonade from two adorable little girls (I swear Clintonville is the capital for lemonade stands)

11:32 a.m. - home with heaps of goodies to last the week

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Tiny little garden update

Just wanted to share some photo's of our gardens progress. I'm excited that we were able to accomplish actual food this summer. We have learned so much from our little experiment and are already planning for next year. One of my favorite parts of the garden is our compost pile, which is nothing more than a pile of lawn and table scraps under a tree. I'll often turn the pile and see how many worms I can find making nutritious compost for next years garden.