Wednesday, August 4, 2010


For years I have considered volunteering at a cat shelter on a regular basis. Of course what I really want to do is adopt all the cats and be this lady. But I won't... yet... ever... we'll see. Anyhoo. The other day I got off work and headed to a local bar to see Tin Armor play. At the door I was made aware of a suggested $7 donation. Assuming it's going to the band I scrap up my last $7 and hand it to the guy. Once inside Mark informs me it's for kittens. KITTENS! I LOVE kittens. That when I found out about Colony Cats, a shelter up in Dublin. I am filling out my volunteer form and hopefully helping some furry little friends very soon. I'll keep you updated.


  1. Anonymous6.8.10

    my cat pooped on the kitchen floor this morning just to make me mad.

    just felt like telling you. hahaha

  2. what a jerk! Thats pretty funny though. I want to meet him!!!