Friday, September 4, 2009

In progress

Day by day our house is beginning to form into a home. It's something that I've learned takes time. There are many things that still need bought, built, and rearranged. I've found though it is best to get to a know a space before I try to mold it to fit my lifestyle. My goal for our last apartment was to have a haven, something that felt peaceful among all the chaos. My goal for this place is to have a space thats conducive to entertaining and productivity. Pictures and shelves have made the space feel homier. Next I'll be making curtains and mark will be building a huge dining room table that will double as a work space. Mary has taken to spending most of her time on the stairs while Oscar prefers laying in the sun in the dining room. I'll post new pictures as the space develops.


  1. ooh- it's looking very dark and substantial.

  2. every time i see mary i think "that damn cat." Is that bad?