Friday, September 18, 2009

Indian Dinner Club

Every thursday night is dinner club. A large group of people from multiple social groups come together to celebrate their love for food. I've only attended one other time for White Trash night. There was fried banana peanut butter sandwiches, pigs in a blanket, tater tots with ranch dressing, cheese cake filling straight from the tub, and a never ending supply of iceburg salad.

Evie proposed a dinner club at our place and I proposed Indian food due to our lack of owning a table. There was a gorgeous array of mushy indian dishes, a vegetable curry, slaw, naan, basmati rice, and of course my favorite, sweet indian balls (also know as gulab jamun). Guests floated in and out of the house until every morsel of indian goodness was lapped up. The rest of the night was spent picking out our next tattoo's in the "tattoo book" (more on that later) and planning for the apocalypse.


  1. Can we get tattooed when I come in December? I am wary to try a new tattoo place... wait! can I get inked while nursing? Shit. Hold that thought- must research!

  2. if you can then yes, we should definitely do that. We will go to my guy here. He is very good.