Sunday, August 9, 2009

This post doesn't have a picture

Because my life has been one giant tornado of hectic since I left and there are no signs of a break any time soon. Mark and I have had a never ending plethora of invitations over the past six days and I feel no need to become the girl who is always snapping pictures and not fully enjoying the moment. I've attended a white trash dinner, roasted smores in a fire pit, crafted with some amazing ladies, watched River Monster's with my BF's bf., shopped at the local farmers market, and been "that house" with noisy friends well past midnight. All of this on top of moving in, unpacking (slowly), painting, and job hunting. Life feels crazy right now and I barely know what is around the corner, but I couldn't be happier. I'm living with an amazing boy that I love and this awesome girl who I could talk to for hours. Our house and neighborhood are lovely and full of character. I'm in the first phase of love where everything is spinning wildly and happening so fast and full and in a few weeks when things start to calm I will realize that I am madly in love with my life.

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