Wednesday, February 9, 2011

My garden in envelopes

I really love all the seasons (including the coldest darkest winters). I really do. No really, I do. I even wrote about it here, remember?

Ok, you caught me.

I'm secretly dreaming of spring every time I look out the window. Maybe it's the lack of fluffy snow this year, or maybe it's my lack of snow boots. Whichever, it's racking me with guilt for not enjoying each day and instead drifting off to a land of breezy windows and sprouting gardens.

So instead of sloshing through the snow, or cozying up to the fire I am planning my garden. Tasha and I went in together on seeds (great idea, Tasha), because who needs 1,000 seeds of anything? And in only a week it will be time to begin some of the plants so that I can feel I am forcing spring to come.

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