Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Simple pasta from scratch

10 Simple and easy steps. Also time consuming.

1. Pile 3 cups flour and 3 tsp salt into a big heap.
2. Make a well in the center and crack 3 eggs in it.
3. With a fork slowly mix the flour into the egg. **Do not let the sides cave in or your egg will run everywhere!!!
4. Once the egg is incorporated sprinkle about 3 Tbls cold water into the mixture. Just enough so that all the flour is incorporated.
5.Knead the dough until is is smooth and shiny (about 5 minutes in a kitchen-aid mixer and about 20 minutes if you're doing it by hand).
6. Roll out the dough until it is at desired thickness. This takes a long time so be prepared.
7. Cut pasta with a knife or pasta cutter.
8. Allow the pasta to dry on clean towels for at least 20 minutes.
9. Bowl pasta with a little olive oil until desired texture.
10. ENJOY!

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