Saturday, January 22, 2011

Just like great great grandma did

I feel good about the handmade, homespun movement. It's invigorating to put elbow greese into the things that I usually get through convenience. Dinner club often takes several elbows, working together to satisfy one of our most basic needs. Food is easy. We can get whatever we desire with a simple trip to the grocery store or local restaurant. But what if we had to work for it, the way our great great grandparents did? What if we only had the most basic ingredients and our own two hands to prepare it? Would/did food taste better? I'm sure that we would at least appreciate it more. was the menu:

• Homemade pasta and tomato sauce (recipe for pasta coming soon)
• Tasha's Vegetarian meatballs
• Skillet roasted vegetables
• Evie's roasted beets
• Garden salad
• Kristen's garlic bread
• Rustic Pear Pie (recipe coming soon)
• Tasha's almost vegan strawberry cheesecake
• Christen's peach cobler
• Brenda's mexican hot chocolate

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