Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Jumping off buildings

There was no hesitation when the question was asked. The opportunity to rappel off the hotel where I work doesn't come that often. Once a year actually, it comes every spring as a fundraiser for The Special Olympics.

The decision may have been easy but I still spent the night prior tossing and turning with wind nightmares. My subconscious self worrying about it being windy, yet not a single dream about falling to my death.

The whole process is lengthy. You get the harnesses, and they talk to you, they take you to the top, and they talk to you, you do a practice run, and they talk to you. By the time I was standing on the edge I was already fond of the view and the height.

My coworker Carly went with me, we giggled and coached each other down. Every few feet I would look around enjoying the city I adore, then I would feel like fainting and would stare at my feet that were pretending to walk along the bricks.

Everyone asked me if I was scared. Of course! But fear has rarely stopped me and I've always regretted when it has.

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  1. Anonymous30.5.12

    Wowzers! So proud of you. I think I need to take your advice. Unfortunately heights scare the bejeepers out of me and then some!!! I think I now need your autograph! :) :)

    ~Aunt Roie