Sunday, May 20, 2012

Cinco de Derby

Today I will be catching up on some long overdue posts.

First up: Cinco de Derby

Cinco de Mayo and the Kentucky Derby all on one day! Is there a more perfect opportunity to throw a party? Of course I went a little overboard and decided to build my own pinata which basically turned into a four day project where I gave up on day two and Jesse finished the entire thing. Mark cooked a pork shoulder for five hours, filling the house with the most intoxicating smell. The margarita guru, Steph, taught me her not so secret recipe, spoiling me for life against the pre-made mix.

I was stringing lights in our living room when Mario Gutierrez riding I'll Have Another, won the Kentucky Derby. It was hard not to get misty eyed during his interview.

We stayed up late, really really late, eating tacos and watching the little kids run around with the past-your-bed-time giggles. I woke up to texts from their moms exclaiming that they finally slept in till 10 am.

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