Saturday, July 31, 2010

Camp 2010 - Scenes from the week

I feel pangs in my heart every time I'm up here, like running into your first crush years later. I'm so in love with the quiet here, the friendly neighborhoods, the kind hard working residents, and the quaint homes. Because I have been removed from this type of calm for so long I am able to find just as much excitement in the rushing streams as the city nightlife and just as much pleasure in sugar pea's off of the vine as a fancy restaurant. I know that without living in the big city and the not so big city I would still take it for granted. I am lucky. I have been able to experience so many worlds. The one where my family is will always be my favorite.

p.s. the cute photo of the two little girls is my aunts, we are a family of great photographers ;)

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  1. Ok, next year I am inviting myself as an honorary Zehr. These photos are amazing.

    How lovely is that photo of Sara and the (I think) snap pea?