Friday, June 1, 2012


It's was not too difficult to convince my friends to join me on my latest blog-mission. Especially when it includes cute shops, icy treats, and a beach! It was a little difficult though to get everyone ready to go on a Saturday morning. After all the errands were run, burnt breakfasts remade, and a full-on temper tantrum by yours truly, we hit the road.

The scenic route was decided on mostly due to the fact that I was not in the right lane to go the other way. And despite the late start we made a u turn to check out THE cutest garden shoppe outside the south of France.

Once finally parked in Delaware, the sun beating down on us, we lathered every inch of pasty exposed skin with SPF 50. Then we hopped through the shops. Now, Jesse went to college here so I was thrilled to have her expertise with us. Little did I know that she would not only know every shop owner but that they would greet her as if she were their long lost puppy. If you know Jesse this actually would not surprise you. She has artwork in the little bike shop, and her best friend made the website for the pizza shop, she writes novel length emails to the boy running the book store... well you get the picture. She had little sway though with the brash lady manning the vintage store who REFUSED to move her portable fan away from the counter as it flung apart our piles of old photographs.

Exhausted from bellies full of pizza, we grabbed our complimentary iced coffees and sped to Alum Creek Beach. The entrance to the beach is the last one, miles from all the others. And the sand is a little bit like cat litter. And the water might be a tad soupy. But we live in the Midwest and we are at the beach! It takes 2.5 seconds for us to acclimate to the water and we couldn't be more thrilled about how this day turned out.

Update: The Small Town Tourist post for Delaware, Ohio is up at Cotton & Brass!

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