Thursday, February 9, 2012

Over Inspired

There are a dozen wedding blogs that I've read religiously for a-hem three years a-hem. All that "reading" set me up for what I thought would be the easiest wedding planning. Not true. Instead I'm stuffed to the brim with all the inspiration I have squirreled away. Of course what I want is a simple rustic wedding, or I mean a frilly vintage wedding, or maybe what I'm trying to say is a classy but modern wedding...


So a couple weeks ago I decided to stop avoiding the wedding, which I found was the easiest way to deal, and make a decision. Mark and I have an old childrens fairy tale book with fantastic illustrations. Our save the dates were based on an illustration from the book and it made the most sense to base everything else off of it as well. I went fabric shopping for one of my big DIY wedding projects and found the perfect blue printed cotton.

I'm starting to get really excited.

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