Sunday, June 26, 2011


Oh my. It's been almost a month. Well I have some updating to do:

My wisdom teeth were surgically removed after the move and before anything was put away. The pain meds and my stomach did not get along and in the end the stomach won. Luckily the paint wasn't that bad. Mark made me gourmet mashed potatoes. I loafed on the couch staring at all the stuff that needed put away and that I wasn't allowed to lift.

Then my Aunt, Uncle, and Grandma came in from upstate New York to celebrate my Cousin's Graduation. Almost every summer of my life has been spent at their homes and it was nice to have the tables turn. And if forced Mark and I to finally unpack. My mom came to visit as well and we went to the Whetstone Park of Roses peak season showing. We took a million pictures of damp, slightly browning roses. Apparently peak season came early this year. But it didn't stop my mom from falling in love with the place and continuing to ask me if I want to get married there.

Mark made a crazy good Brussels sprout, bacon, mushroom medley. And we added Brussels sprout medley to our tentative wedding menu.

Our friend Brigit got a puppy. Everyone is jealous.

I went to visit my 10 month old nephew. He is the cutest 10 month old that ever existed. He is starting to walk and his favorite toy continues to be my mom's camera bag. To encourage his interest in photography I "taught" him how to use my camera. He took this picture of me (it has crazy aunt written all over it).

Friends were invited over for 2011 Pride Cake and a whole rack of ribs.

This summer's first pitcher of fresh mint mojitos was schlepped to dinner club only to realize that their was no dinner club and so we had mojito club instead. After several mojitos Ana and I decided it would be a good idea to fix my hair cut. It turned out great and I think it will be my new formula for hair cutting.

Our friend Sjanneke got a dog and all I have are these lazy cats.

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