Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Trimming the tree

I can't remember the last time I was this excited about Christmas... maybe the year I got my baby so beautiful doll. We purchased our little tree from the market down the street. Mark and I don't have a collection of ornaments yet so I am free to do what I wish and was inspired by a few other blogs.

The first ornament project that caught my eye was the dried oranges. So simple (and cheap!). I just sliced the oranges thin, about the thickness of a nickle, and dried them in the oven. They add a lovely pop of color.

The second project that almost knocked me over with excitement was the filled glass bulbs. I have been hoarding all the Terrarium books from the Columbus Library over the past couple of months so this just seamed fitting. I scavenged and clipped little treasures to fill them with but you could really fill them with whatever you wish.

I topped it all of with a gorgeous vintage tree topper found at my favorite little shop.

Now... if I could only keep the kittens out of the tree.

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