Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Wardrober - hobo clown hat

I always prepare these posts about some outfit that I put together and what the inspiration behind it was. I then I my hand freezes up on the "publish post" button. And my head starts racing... am I being self indulgent... I think this is sort of narcissistic... I'm too old to do this stuff, I should leave it too those kids on lookbook (maybe I'll get a lookbook account). ANYWAY, who cares. I love fashion, I always have. It's a huge part of who I am so I'm going to post completely self indulgent posed pictures of myself because life is too short to not do what you love.

So... about this outfit. I've been pulling most of my inspiration recently from 1920-40's fashion. So I had my little sheer black pleated wrap shirt on and this hat was just sitting on our mirror. It had been part of a friends halloween costume and it just so happened to look pretty darn good on me. I would have never picked it out in a store but we found each other regardless and we will be good friends I think.


  1. Anonymous11.11.09

    Total babe.

  2. Anonymous11.11.09

    I love this!
    I love what's to come!
    I know it already!

  3. Anonymous11.11.09

    Your post was a trip down memory lane.... What do I remember?!? A young girl, coming to camp with multiple suitcases packed to the hilt full of "dress-up" clothes. A livingroom full of family entertained by giggling cousins as they bounded down the stairs wearing unique creations. Plenty of loving laughter and applause. Thanks for the memories....you look fabulous! :)


  4. You look great, and stop overthinking. I would like to see more of these posts in the future as they cheer me up after dreary days at work.

    Also, you look eerily like a mannequin in the picture. I think it has something to do with the shoulders and the point blank stare. Love and kisses.

  5. Roie, I'm going to have to dig through some of my old photographs to find pictures of that. Thanks for reminding me!