Thursday, October 8, 2009

So full

I have many memories of staying over at my cousins house in the summer. The six of us (all girls) would fill the living room and stuff ourselves with delivery pizza and candy while watching Rigoletto. I would eat SO much to the point where I wanted to die and then I would ask for someone to pass the chips. I would promise to never eat again while shoveling in another handful of m&m's.

I felt the same way after leaving dinner club last night. Only this time instead of candy and delivery pizza it was pumpkin bisque, bread, corn casserole, and tomato watermelon and fetta salad. After I ate all that and felt too full to eat anything ever again there was apple cake, apple crisp, and TWO apple pies. And you just can't not taste each delicious home made goody.

I wouldn't trade those living room floor nights with my cousins for anything. It was nice though to sit down to a big beautifully set table with mismatched vintage dishes and cloth napkins and enjoy this new tradition. The settings may change throughout life but I hope that I will always find myself ritually gorging amongst good company.

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